Selling Grass Cutting Equipment

Grass cutting may become a significant task should you depend on very simple grass cutting tools including slashers. When you’ve got expansive lawns, then the task becomes even harder on one person, and if you want to complete the job quickly, then you will demand more people. The laborious operation indicates that the grass cutting operation becomes costly to you.

At Dermot Casey, we stock various lawn mowers that can be used to reduce the grass in your yard or fields. We stock good quality mowers from our trusted manufacturers and now we sell exactly the same to you at very affordable prices. Herein, we will show you about many of the kinds of lawnmowers we now have to suit your needs.

We have cylinder mowers in store. These mowers are designed to be found in lawns which are level with minimum ruggedness. Using a group of rotary blades, positioned at the front end in the lawnmower, and rotating against a bottom blade that is fixed, the cylinder lawn mowers will trim grass to offer fine cuts. In the event you have a look at ornamental gardens and wish your lawn was like that, then this is actually the lawnmower you ought to acquire. 

We also stock rotary lawnmowers. If the lawn is rugged with plenty of rough areas and slopes, then this rotary mower is made for you. It is a versatile Grass Cutting Equipment that is smartly designed to only cope with such terrains.

This sort of lawnmowers could also be used in situations where the grass isn’t regularly cut and it is therefore longer. 

Some individuals aren’t confident with the extra weight of nearly all lawnmowers. In case you fall within that category, then you should buy yourself a hover lawnmower. A hover lawnmower is lightweight. During operation, a hover lawnmower uses its rotary blades that hover on the air cushion just higher than the grass to reduce the grass. This makes them very maneuverable and can be easily used near flower beds or hedges.

Our lawnmowers are powered in a number of methods. They could cordless or corded. The corded ones use electricity and are fantastic for you should your lawn is small. For larger lawns, then your cordless lawnmower is handy. The cordless lawnmowers could be run by petrol or by battery. Cordless lawnmowers running on batteries are becoming popular due to the efficient performances as well as the affordability of lithium-ion batteries.

The petrol lawnmowers will be more powerful when compared to battery lawnmowers. Therefore, the excess engine power may be used to self-propel the lawnmower driving them to much easier to use.

The types of grass mowers discussed above are majorly walk-behind. If you need commercial Selling Grass Cutting Equipment, additionally we stock ride-on lawnmowers in addition to tow-behind mowers which can be mounted onto tractors for expansive fields. 

If you would like purchasing or hiring any grass cutting machinery, call us at Dermot Casey and our agents will continue to work along in ensuring that you get yourself the best grass cutting machine.